About us

The House of Indie is a non-profit indie game collective based in Antwerp, Belgium. Founded in 2013, we aim to support the independent game community, both locally and globally. We value inclusivity and diversity.The House of Indie


We are a very young collective of game designers, curators, enthusiasts and carpenters. We want to unite the existing indie developers in our region, and inspire more people to join the community.

The Antwerp House of Indie consists of Hannes and Thomas Devillé, Bram Michielsen and Jonatan Van Hove.

We have a small office in Het Bos, creatives can sit together in our monthly Indie Game Salon, we also pop out interactive installations. You can always find one of our arcades in the Bosbar!



Bram Michielsen
Thomas Devillé
Hannes Devillé
Jonatan Van Hove


The House of Indie aims to inspire, cultivate and curate the budding Belgian indie game community. Each event we organize is an invitation to new people to get involved. In this social space, diversity and inclusiveness are key. Every new voice and every new perspective enriches our community.

We actively strive to reach more diverse audiences and welcome anyone, regardless of gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). We think it’s super important all audiences feel safe. While we cannot guarantee a space free of discrimination and harassment, we unequivocally encourage everyone to work towards this goal together.

Please speak up if you experience any form of discrimination or harassment – whether this is targeted at yourself or someone else. Please join us in support of this safe space policy.